Team Penning

Team Penning is a fun way to enjoy your dude ranch experience and a great way to bond with friends, family, or co-workers.  The object of this friendly, timed competition is to maneuver a herd of cattle through a series of obstacles and into a pen.

How it Works:  Teams are made up of three to six riders who must convince a small herd of cattle to cooperate.  After weaving through obstacles, each team must coax the cattle into one of three available pens.  Team Penning is done at a walk or trot, so riders of all skill levels may participate.  The activity requires strategy and communication with your horse and teammates. As riders gain experience moving the herd, more complex maneuvers may be given by the wranglers to challenge the teams.

*A lesson is strongly encouraged, but not required to participate in this activity.

Tuesday, Friday & Sunday
1 hour: $75

Rates are per person, subject to service charge and sales tax. Weight limit 250 lbs.